Hearing loss is defined as the inability to partially or completely hear sounds in one or both the ears.

Hearing loss is caused due to various factors like age, hereditary factors, exposure to loud noise, middle ear pathologies, trauma or accidents and it can also be associated with other health issues. However in few cases the cause is unknown. Hearing loss can be congenital (from birth) or acquired.

There are different degrees of hearing loss. It ranges from mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe to profound hearing loss. Management of hearing loss includes the use of Digital hearing aids cochlear implants, surgical corrections and assistive listening devices.

A number of factors like the type of hearing loss, etiology, patient’s expectations and needs, audiogram patterns etc., are all considered before advising on the appropriate management procedure. Nevertheless, our technology has profoundly helped in overcoming the hearing difficulties faced by individuals.

Hearing loss is assessed and diagnosed by expert Audiologists at Hearing Wellness Clinic, on a case to case basis where in every patient is assessed individually and advised on the most conducive solution.

Hearing Problems

What are the signs of hearing loss?

You may notice a number of early warning signs and changes in your behaviour that may be related to hearing loss. You may begin to:

  • Complain that people are mumbling.
  • Frequently ask people to repeat what they have said.
  • Prefer the television or radio louder than other people.
  • Have trouble understanding what is being said at the movies or theater, your house of worship, or other public gatherings.
  • Have difficulty understanding conversations in a group.
  • Have trouble understanding someone if they are speaking from a different room.
  • Have trouble understanding people when you cannot see their faces.
  • Strain to hear conversations.
  • Have trouble hearing when people speak softly.
  • Have trouble hearing on the telephone.
  • Avoid social occasions, family gatherings and noisy environment.