Moms with hearing loss: Featured bloggers


During the month of September, Healthy Hearing will be featuring different bloggers in the hearing loss community. From those across the ocean to parents of children with hearing loss, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top blogs and resources available to you! Today’s article is the first of the series!

Moms are tough creatures. Once the hours in the delivery room have passed, and long after the sleepless nights spent comforting crying newborns are gone, they’re still ready to drop whatever they’re doing to come to our rescue. 

Mothers rely on daily communication day in and day out with their children, partners and other adults, so what happens when something hinders their ability to do so? That’s precisely what we wanted to find out, from real moms with real hearing loss experiences. 

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Several moms with hearing loss have created their own blogs to help others along the journey. Lisa Goldstein, a freelance writer with her own blog, In My Head, shares her stories about parenting with hearing loss and even shares her children’s perspectives on the matter as well, through their class projects and other activities. She says the hearing loss community has been a source of constant friendship for her.

“I’ve always loved writing and sharing my opinions, as well as educating others, so it’s helpful in that way,” she said. “I’ve been an active member of the Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing since 1983 and currently serve on the PA Chapter board. I haven’t missed a convention since joining and keep in touch with my friends online.”

Goldstein also writes articles on a number of different topics from the hearing loss perspective, including a review of Google Glass. She said she has received plenty of positive feedback from her readers, both on her articles and her blog.

“I’ve received a lot of positive feedback but it’s hard to recall specifics, since I’ve been a freelance journalist for over 16 years … I’ve had several requests to reprint my HearingLikeMe article on being a deaf mom. I’ve had several people contact me in response to my Google Glass article to say they too have had similar experiences, or to tell me about something they’re working on that will help in the future.”

Another hearing loss mom blogger, Johanne Fraser, shares her experiences on day-to-day activities via her blog MomWHearingLoss. There you can find musings on daily happenings not always related to hearing loss as well as her dealings in a hearing community. As a mother of two boys, Fraser strives to see the positivity in her profound hearing loss, noting that it certainly makes life more interesting! While it’s challenging being a parent, wife and woman with hearing loss, Fraser finds she takes an immense amount of joy from the small things in life, like the laughter of her children. Thanks to the technology hearing aids provide, Fraser doesn’t have to miss any more moments of humor, either! 

Moms with hearing loss have fantastic insight into parenting with a challenging twist. Not only are they role models to their children, but they are role models to others who are new to the world of hearing loss. Their tips and anecdotes are welcome affirmation that parenting with hearing loss is not impossible. In fact, it’s wonderful.


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