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There’s no better way to understand what someone is thinking than by (figuratively) taking a walk in their shoes. That’s why we love hearing loss bloggers so much. Through their passionate, honest and informational posts, we learn what it’s like to live with hearing loss, or parent a child with hearing loss. 

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of life with hearing loss. 

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the bloggers we follow for their insights into hearing loss and tinnitus

Journalist and author Katherine Bouton has written several books about hearing loss, but in recent years she’s also become an advocate and educator for people who are hearing-impaired. This approach shines through on her blog, which she uses to provide “strategies, skills, and resources for living better with hearing loss.” This is perhaps because she herself has hearing loss—she uses a cochlear implant for one ear, and a hearing aid for the other. We highly recommend Katherine’s blog for staying up-to-date on the real-world experiences of people with hearing loss. 

Carly, who has single-sided deafness, candidly shares the ups and downs of suddenly losing her hearing at her blog, Hearing Loss Story. She also delves into the practical, from tackling how to wear a mask with hearing loss during the COVID-19 pandemic, to her struggles with tinnitus. Her warm and empathic voice are like a warm cup of tea on a rainy day.

“I started this blog as a way to inform my friends and family about my progress, for anyone else who is going through a similar experience as me, or for anybody who is interested in learning about this type of hearing loss, and the way it can affect everyday life,” Carly explains. Note: Carly also shared her experience with us using a CROS hearing aid

You have to love an authentic person and Jennifer Gibson definitely fits that bill. She writes about growing up with severe hearing loss with honesty, passion and clarity. Her post about traveling with hearing loss not only gives hearing individuals a glimpse into what that might be like, it also gives those with hearing loss a few great tips for navigating on their own.

Did we mention she is also a published author, graphic designer and illustrator? Her trilogy, “Sway, Compass and Destiny,” follows the adventures of Jessie, a teenager with hearing loss.  The award-winning books can be purchased on her website.

This group blog, facilitated by Karen Putz, is still going strong, with touching posts from parents with deaf or hard of hearing children. Recent topics include the parenting during the pandemic and parenting a child who has hearing loss and Down syndrome.

Since we last touched base with Shanna Groves, she has decided to scale back her book writing and public speaking activities. Thankfully, her faithful readers can still hear her strong, passionate voice about being a mom with hearing loss in her blog posts.

“LipreadingMom.com is not about being an author or speaker,” she writes. “It is a connection with other people who may live with hearing loss. It is a connection with other parents and grandparents. Through the sharing of our everyday experiences, we can inspire, inform and entertain. In other words, we can make the world of parenting with a hearing loss not such a lonely place.”

Hearing loss advocate and writer Shari Eberts updates her blog frequently, focusing on functional advice for people dealing with hearing impairments. The blog helps to “serve as an outlet for my experiences as well as a community for those dealing with similar issues,” Shari says. Her site is thorough and excellent, we recommend starting with her “most popular posts” page to get a sense of what you’ll find. 

“The decision to have a Cochlear Implant is one that has changed my life. But, the path to achieving success with it did not happen overnight,” writes Aiden Toominator, who manages the site and a related newsletter and YouTube channel. Cochlear Implant Life has helpful reviews of new products, stories from CI users and an online shop. 

Rewiring Tinnitus blogger and life coach Glenn Schweitzer has made a career out of a bad situation: A diagnosis of Meniere’s disease and resulting tinnitus. Based on what he learned overcoming a challenging health situation, he now shares his experience and tips on his site. 

“If you suffer from tinnitus, I want you to know right now that there is so much hope. No matter how severe your tinnitus is, or how bad things may seem, you can learn to live with your tinnitus, too,” Glenn shares on his site. (Note: Glenn is also a Healthy Hearing columnist.)  

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