Five tips for online dating with hearing loss and hearing aids


Do you think hearing aids can be sexy? For most people, that answer is probably “no.” 

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Good communication is sexy.

Maybe you’re already conjuring up visions of hearing aids past like the one your beloved grandpa (rest his soul) wore when you were just a kid. But in reality, smaller, sleeker modern hearing aids may be just the ticket for people seeking a stronger relationship with their significant other—or for people wanting to rejoin the dating scene. Why? Hearing aids facilitate communication and boost confidence.

Communication is sexy

Ask most any successfully partnered couple about the secrets to lasting love and many will cite the need for open, honest and frequent communication. The same goes for those of us on the dating scene.

Hearing loss makes communication a struggle in so many ways. People who cannot hear well often miss the subtleties in speech that add to its meaning. They may hear that something is being said, but they cannot understand it. Good points are missed, punch lines of great jokes are wasted and softly spoken sweet nothings are ignored, all of which can lead to a strain on your relationship

Now, imagine you’re the one in the relationship without the hearing loss, the one always accommodating communication difficulties. Maybe you’re the one always having to speak up to be heard, the one for whom the television is always way too loud and the one who never really feels listened to. Being partnered to someone with uncorrected hearing loss can be immensely frustrating, especially when there is so much help available. 

Without good communication, sharing, cooperation and understanding are replaced with frustration, annoyance and resentment —definitely not sexy. 

Confidence is sexy

Because it’s such a struggle to communicate, people with hearing loss can begin to feel isolated. They also may feel self-conscious and may stop engaging at work, participating in social events and even having conversations with their other half. Single people with hearing loss sometimes are too embarrassed by it to take a chance on that promising first date. 

Being sexy often has little to do with physical appearance. However, self-confidence can be a big turn on for the object of your affection. Being able to hear well, communicate, laugh together and enjoy spirited discussions over romantic dinners builds confidence that can make you exude sex appeal. In this way, hearing aids, even those that others can see, are often far less conspicuous than untreated hearing loss.

Technology is sexy

Thanks to innovation within the hearing aid industry, your kindly grandfather with the body-worn hearing aid wouldn’t recognize today’s devices. They’re sleek, discreet, powerful, automated and comfortable enough to wear all day. The adaptive sound processing features can effortlessly accommodate your early morning gym routine, a demanding day at the office and a noisy happy hour with your main squeeze.

Today’s hearing aids don’t interfere with the rest of your technological world, they integrate seamlessly with it. Most devices communicate wirelessly with each other and with your mobile phones, televisions and personal music players. There are even devices such as that can be used to operate your home’s security system and program your coffee maker. 

Depending on your hearing loss, you may be able to wear hearing aids that are so small they won’t be seen. If you’re not worried about others noticing your sexy cool hearing aids, you might opt for devices in a vivid fashion color to suit your style. Advanced materials and thoughtful design make it possible to wear your hearing aids during a rigorous spinning class, competitive golf game or a romantic stroll along the beach at sunset. 

Next steps

Confidently engaging fully in life is sexy, and better hearing makes it possible. If you or your loved one has a hearing loss, get help right away. There are options to fit every lifestyle, budget, hearing loss and style preference. You can start by contacting one of the hearing care professionals in our extensive clinic directory. You might just find that better hearing improves your love life in ways you’ve never imagined. 


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