Widex Evoke


Widex EVOKE hearing gadgets advance, in actuality, to continue getting more brilliant. It gains from your hearing inclinations at the time and after some time. With only a couple of taps on a cell phone, you can pick the sounds you need to hear, placing you in full control on the off chance that you need to be.

What’s more, on the off chance that you need to recline? Bring out naturally acclimates to your necessities and the earth around you – easily and continuously.

Inspire gains from your encounters and from the encounters of different wearers everywhere throughout the world. Widex utilizes that mysterious information to make a superior listening background for everybody. So the extraordinary hearing gadget you purchase today develops to be shockingly better tomorrow!

Together with significant advances in sound innovation, Widex EVOKE gives a more regular and customized hearing background than any other time in recent memory.

  • Bring out is the world’s first ongoing AI hearing gadget — learning your hearing inclinations at the time and over the long run for better hearing today and every day after.
  • Summon has cutting edge preparing upgrades that accomplish a cleaner and more characteristic sound than any other time in recent memory.
  • Inspire offers progressively precise natural mapping to enable you to hear in any setting.
  • Bring out highlights quicker handling — catching all the more evident, ongoing sound — so you hear each minute.

Regardless of whether you lean toward prudent or control, there’s an EVOKE style for you. Widex EVOKE group of hearing instruments is accessible in four innovation levels and in an assortment of hues, offering diverse alternatives to suit your way of life, hearing misfortune and spending plan. Ask your hearing medicinal services proficient which EVOKE show is best for you.

Widex Beyond


Appreciate ideal sound in a prudent portable hearing assistant without giving up execution.

Worked around the most dominant portable amplifier innovation accessible, WIDEX CUSTOM gives you prevalent sound in a watchful, uniquely designed gadget that fits superbly in your ear.


CUSTOM catches every one of the sounds you need. No other in-the-ear portable amplifier can catch such a wide scope of sounds.

Refined Widex preparing innovation naturally identifies your listening circumstance and ensures you hear the correct sound at the opportune time in the ideal spot.

That way you can concentrate on what you are doing — rather than altering your portable amplifiers.

Widex Beyond


– Get Connected. Stay Connected.

With the Widex BEYOND™ made-for-iPhone listening device, you can appreciate the best that life brings to the table. Past brings you predominant sound innovation, Bluetooth availability and control of your hearing by means of your iPhone® and Android™ so you remain associated with your reality. The adaptable BEYOND application gives you a chance to structure your own hearing, and it offers you availability anyplace and whenever.

  • Simple swipe innovation, with a natural application that can be altered for sound settings and listening programs.
  • Moment association with your iPhone, T-Coils, and Widex assistive listening gadgets.
  • 30 percent better discourse understanding in wind, and an agreeable, characteristic sound in all listening circumstances.
  • Splendid spilling sound when tuning in to music, accepting calls, or staring at the TV.
  • Less battery changes, with the longest battery life in the business.

Widex BEYOND is accessible in three innovation levels and fifteen mainstream hues, offering an assortment of alternatives to suit your way of life, hearing misfortune, and spending plan. Ask your hearing wellbeing proficient the BEYOND innovation that is best for you.

Widex Rechargeable

– Lasts all day. Charge at night.

Widex made-for-iPhone® listening devices are accessible with the accommodation of rechargeability and long battery life – notwithstanding when spilling! With a rich and simple to-utilize charging station, you can energize medium-term, much the same as your telephone, so you’re constantly controlled up and prepared for one more day!

Since the Widex chip has low power utilization, you get an entire day of the most developed hearing and unrivaled gushing sound quality from your iPhone® so you will never pass up life’s uncommon minutes.

Widex EVOKE FUSION2 Z and BEYOND Z™ are accessible in battery-powered choices. Get some information about Widex battery-powered arrangements.

Widex Unique


What makes UNIQUE better than other similar hearing aids?

  • A more extensive sound picture – so you can hear both delicate and noisy sounds in solace
  • The best wind clamor decrease framework accessible, so even in breezy situations you can in any case hear discourse
  • It identifies your listening circumstance consequently and ensures you hear the correct sound at the ideal time in the opportune spot


WIDEX UNIQUE listening devices catch every one of the sounds you need, from the highs to the lows, from the boisterous to the calm. No other amplifier can give you such a wide scope of agreeable, discernable sounds.


No one but UNIQUE can diminish undesirable delicate sounds and keep up valuable delicate sounds, (for example, calm discourse). Furthermore, when you’re outside, UNIQUE essentially diminishes wind commotion, regardless of what the conditions.


WIDEX UNIQUE listening devices cunningly and rapidly adjust to any circumstance you end up in. So you can without much of a stretch separate discourse from clamor. Also, appreciate incomparable sound in any condition.

The Widex UNIQUE portable amplifier pushes the obstructions of what you can hear with listening devices. More intense and gentler sounds. More discussion. Truth be told, all the imperative sound subtleties around you. However, only one out of every odd day must be an undertaking. Regardless of whether you’re riding up a mountain or riding not far off, UNIQUE lets you easily hear more sounds wherever you are, whatever you are doing.


One of a kind is accessible in three Behind-the-ear (BTE) models and three In-the-ear (ITE) models. Your hearing consideration expert can enable you to pick the perfect model for your particular hearing misfortune and way of life. Every UNIQUE model are accessible in a wide scope of in vogue hues to suit all preferences. You can pick between 14 distinct hues for BTE models and three standard hues for ITE models.